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Questions for a

2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate

Dear Future President of the United States:

Many others and I have new questions we would like answered before choosing who we will vote for President in 2016. The reason is that it has become obvious that the last four Presidents of the United States have had an agenda different from that of the citizens of the United States. This agenda has mostly remained hidden until one does due diligence in web research in 'following the money'. What we have found is both frightening and evil. Therefore the questions that must be asked of a future President of the United States. Please print this page and then on that page, print name of candidate and then circle "support" or "reject" or "Yes" or "No" for each question and return in the address provided. Additional coments are welcome.

Name of candidate? ________________________________ .

Will you put the interests of the citizens of the United States ahead of the interests of 'The FED'? Yes or No

Do you support or reject United Nations Agenda 21

Do you support or reject the United Nation's 'New World Order'?

Do you support or reject Genetically Modified foods [GMOs] as part of our national food supply?

Do you support or reject labeling of GMOs?

Do you support or reject alternative medicine as a cure for cancer ?

Do you consider carbon dioxide [CO2] a major pollutant? Yes or No

Do you consider water floridation a benefit or a health risk?

Do you support or reject smaller government and more personal freedom and responsibility? Yes or No

Will you reject all evil, including false flags, misrepresentation of facts, and support of organizations determined to destroy the United States? Yes or No

I would also suggest that you go to this web page, and then read the following reports and watch the following videos: Go to: http://FarTooMuch.Info, select "Opinion" and then
"Questions for the 2016 Presidential Candidates".

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"JFK to 911 --- Everything is a Rich Mans Trick" (long video - 3.5 hr)

Toxic Air, Water & Food Fraud . (web page)

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