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2016 U.S. President

We Need a People's President

We need a President who is opposed to United Nations Agenda 21. Four of the Agenda 21 mandates are (1.) Open Borders between countries, (2.) Collapse of the U.S. Dollar prior to the formation of U.N. credit card that is needed to buy, sell or travel, and (3.) Reduction of the Population of the World, including the United States. (4.) Confiscation of all Private Property.

(1.) Open Borders is part of the One World Government program that directs every person what to think an what to do. Day Care is provided by the Government that teaches preschool children that Government is the only authority and to obey only the Government. Common Core continues with this indoctrination by teaching how to be loyal subjects of the State. It's history does not include teachings of the founding fathers of the United States. There is no discussion of God, self worth, freedom to chose or right of individual agency.

(2.) First the value of the dollar is destroyed by printing an unlimited number of paper dollars, and by removing their connection to anything of value. In an attempt to maintain the value of the dollar, Nixon kept the price of U.S. gold at $35/oz until the gold in Fort Knox was essentially gone. Since then, various methods were used to give the dollar the illusion of value. With the rapid increase in unsustainable U.S. debt, other countries have come to realize that the value of the dollar is just an illusion. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa [BRICS] have formed a new currency based on gold and is totally independent of the U.S. dollar. This is also in opposition to the United Nations cashless society where every transaction will be monitored and taxed. Note that both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were shot for not following the elite agenda and having the United States Government print money instead of the FED. This would have deprived the private owners of the FED of increasing their great wealth at the expense of the average citizen that now has to pay interest on the great national debt.

(3.) The governing elite think there are to many people in the World and that this is not sustainable. In response is their Depopulation Requirement as implimented by the United Nations. In the United States the method of choice includes: (a.) Useless War both external and internal, (b.) Sterilization, both voluntary and involuntary, (c.) Abortion, both voluntary and involuntary, (d.) Toxic Air [chemtrails that include compounds of aluminum, barium, arsenic and lithium], (e.) Toxic Water [fluoradating water with such compounds fluorosalicic acid that make bones weak and brittle, muscles weak, and lowers I.Q., (f.) Toxic Food that contains such poisons as Bt-toxin, glyphosate, 2,4-D, Epicyte Gene, arsenic and lead, (g.) Toxic Medications that do more harm then good, and (h.) Toxic Vaccines that contain compounds of mercury, aluminum and that contain embalming fluid that can damage the brain. The result of this is a doubling of the non-trauma health care in the United States, and premature death. i.e., most of the heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, ALS, MS, diabetes is caused by toxic air, water, food, medications and vaccines. This is very profitable to the medical industry that emphasizes masking of symptoms over real cures that included avoiding the cause of most diseases. indeed, the real cures are to avoid being poisoned and to consuming enough healthy water and food that contains the essential nutrients that you need to be healthy.

(4.) According to U.N. Agenda 21, everything belongs to the State. There is no private property. Everyone is to be relocated in high density cities where they will be given a space to live in close to their assigned work area. These high density cities are to be connected by high speed rail. There will not be any need for cars to travel from city to city and the land between cities will be returned to its native land without people, or be used as farm land to grow crops.

I cannot accept U.N. Agenda 21. What we need is a President like a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. A President that is devoted to righteous and hard working citizens of the United States, and to the Constitution and to individual freedom. Unfortunately, to many Presidents have been corrupt and have been put in office to accomplish an evil agendas mandated by the rich and powerful men and women who want to control the World to fulfill their own evil desires. Most of the tragedies in the last century were engineered by evil men. An interesting video has recently been put on line describes some of these tragedies: "JFK to 911 --- Everything is A Rich Man's Trick"
that can be found at the following URL:

I believe anyone running to become President, a Senator or a Congressman needs to watch this video and understand that we need to regain our right to chose for ourselves our own destiny and to be free.

According to a recent e-mal from the Tea Party, it is stated that if we do not stop Obama, he will implement the following:

" . . . Obama’s been harboring a secret plot for redistributing your wealth! You should fear what's next. His diabolical Global Tax Plot is already set into motion. We must move fast.

Obama and now his newly converted Republican puppets will bankrupt America using our own tax system to do it! Obama will then silence the Patriot outcry by eliminating our internet freedom of speech. But wait! There are even more hideous atrocities:

Under Obama's Global Tax Plot he will grab U.S. tax payers' money—and place it under the control of the U.N. Yes, his sinister plot will steal away the wealth of America and place it into the waiting, money-grubbing hands of the globalist masters.

The writing is on the wall. Obama’s plan to break America’s back is in play now. We must move quickly. What will he do that is so horrific?

Redirect our tax dollars: With the consent of Congress, Obama will create a tax scheme which will replace the IRS with the U.N.

This is nothing less than the ultimate redistribution of wealth. I call it the redistribution of poverty because that's exactly what's going to happen if the Obama Global Tax Plot succeeds!

The IRS may remain in name but the taxes collected will be under the authority of the United Nations. Why? The excuse is to help the third world and redistribute U.S. wealth paving the path for the globalization of the U.S. Mandatory levies will be imposed by treaty on U.S. citizens. Congress is alreadybeing brought on board.

Think about it: Global governance will override American self-rule and independence.

This is not hearsay. The Obama Global Tax Plot is about to become law! That is why it is critical that you become part of Tea Party Uprising and sign the PLEDGE today!

Keep reading and you will see Obama’s plot unfold.

• Wall Street will sour: Every time you buy or sell a stock or bond or exchange money while traveling, you’d be hit with a financial transactions tax—a percentage of your transaction. Where do you suppose that money goes? Why to the Obama Global Tax coffers, of course!

• Tobacco will become the "frenemy" of global business: You know that cash cow tobacco companies have been milking all those years? Now funds collected from tobacco companies will flow to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the name of fairness and welfare, of course. Typical Obama mind games: only heathens wouldn't want fairness for the greater good!

• Success will be rewarded with punishment: Obama's Global Tax will impose a tax on billionaires worldwide. Don't be delusional. Not only will this apply to the current slate of 1,600 current billionaires but once the precedent is set, it will also gradually take hold deeper, covering more and more Americans. Funds will go straight into the dirty hands of the globalists—not to U.S. citizens!

• International organizations will loot U.S. mineral/oil & gas reserves: Under the Law of the Sea Treaty, which is up for Senate ratification, offshore oil-and-gas wells would have to pay an enormous proportion of their revenues to the International Seabed Authority. Guess where the money would go? To the Third World, of course!

• Global warming will become a cash cow: All U.S. and foreign commercial or passenger aircraft flying to Europe will be slammed with a carbon tax. Hidden beneath the guise of fighting climate change, revenues would also go to the Third World to "feed the world!" Who dare say, "No, don't feed the world." Woe to those who do!

Heard enough? Is it making your stomach turn? Sign the TEA PARTY UPRISING PLEDGE TODAY and send your best donation to fund our efforts to bring this O-bomination to a screeching halt.

Still not convinced? Maybe this will convince you...

• Tax cuts will pave the way for tax redirect: U.S. House Democrat Chris Van Hollen has unveiled an aggressive agenda to boost worker paychecks by shifting significant tax breaks from the wealthiest Americans to the middle class. What's the catch? When inflation hits, every U.S. citizen will be a billionaire...but unable to buy bread!

• Cutting back now to take later: "Praise Obama," the masses will say, "Thank you oh savior for the "paycheck bonus"—a tax credit of $1,000 for individuals making less than $100,000 a year and $2,000 for married couples making less than $200,000 as well as a $250 bonus for people who save at l east $500 of this credit every year. The truth: They're priming the pump to install the Obama Global Tax Plot.

• Stripping corporations of profits: Under the plan for mass destruction, corporate tax deductions of bonuses paid to executives in excess of $1 million would be limited—unless companies can show their workers are getting pay raises that reflect productivity and cost-of-living changes. The truth: Strip the rich so they can’t reinvest into America!

• Tax the rich and pave the way for the Obama Global Tax Plot: Van Hollen's plan cuts back tax breaks for the top 1 percent of earners in the United States. It also includes a 0.1 percent tax on stock trades, mostly from high-volume transactions. He said the tax would raise tens of billions of dollars each year. The truth: The tens of billions in tax dollars will flow to foreign entities not U.S. citizens!

When inflation hits every America will be considered a “high roller’ but can’t even buy bread and milk. Please do not sit there and think you will leave it to someone else to deal with. That's a cop-out.

Your signed Tea Party Uprising Pledge will help us stop these egregious actions. Did I mention that Obama also plans to...

• Kill internet speech and keep you uninformed: Recent Islamic attacks will lead to more draconian legislation over free speech and the right to communicate without interference by the state. Crushing free internet speech means silencing the Tea Party and Patriot voice just as Obama installs his global tax scheme! Freedom-loving U.S. citizens will have their voices silenced as they watch the Obama Global Tax Plot installed!" . . .

END OF QUOTE . . . Obama wants absolute control of every thing we have, everything we do, and even what we think. Absolute dictatorship. Now how Satanic is that?


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