What really happened at:


And what part did Hillary and Obama play?

And for what Purpose?

I believe that the point of Hillary having an at home server was to keep secret from the State Department the documentation of the illegal activities of Hillary. Hillary and Obama seem to have a habit of creating false flags to justify illegal activity.

When I grew up, the news consisted of simple statements of fact. Since then, the language of the news was altered to be "politically correct". Now what actually happened is sometimes altered to protect the guilty. Even to the extent of being a lie. I now read as many independent sources as I can. I have also learned to read between the lines. The follow is what I believe happened at Benghazi.

As best as I can determine, Obama was contacted by the terrorists and asked to release five top terrorists held hostage by the United States. The terrorists wanted Obama to release these hostages. But it would be politically incorrect to just release them. He needed an excuse. I can believe that Obama and Hillary came up with the idea of a prisoner exchange. But terrorists needed a prisoner. In the twisted mind of Hillary and Obama I can believe that Ambassador Stevens was selected to be that prisoner.

So Obama and Hillary arranged Ambassador Stevens to be sent to Benghazi with minimum body guard without bullets in their guns to make it easy for him to be captured for a prisoner exchange. Instead of sending them to the embassy that could be defended, they were sent to a place that could not be defended. The terrorists were given guns to make lots of noise. [Hillary was to arrange gun transfer through another country.] Terrorists were told there would be no threat from the body guard or from the U.S. military that would be told to "Stand Down". No one was to be killed. [Listen to the Reference video.]

The problem was two civilian contractors that were Navy Seals who were nearby, heard the call for help, picked up empty guns and full cartridges off the ground and went to defend Ambassador Stevens and staff. [Terrorists were not trained in use of those guns.] Terrorists believing to having been betrayed then attacked Ambassador Stevens and staff. Hillary and Obama informed of the attack thought everything was going according to their plan. I doubt that they were informed of two seals trying in vain to deafened Ambassador Stevens and staff. Obama may have gone to sleep, but Hillary eventually found out what was going on and tried to make a excuse for the attack. Rumor has it that the top military commanders tried to send help against orders but were physically stopped by Obama "observers". As a result, Ambassador Stevens and staff were brutally tortured, killed and dragged through the streets.

Now without a live Ambassador to exchange, at a later time a military guard may have been set up to be captured and then used for the exchange.

Obviously if this is really what happened, this is the type of illegal activity that Hillary would not want on an official State Department server. Again I say, if the current administration had nothing to hide, a private server would not be "needed".

Questions from Senator Trey Gowdy

with answers that are my personal opinion

Gowdy: Why was Chris Stevens in Benghasi?
Russ: To be captured by the Terrorists for a hostage exchange.

Gowdy: Why were we the last flag flying in Benghasi?
Russ: Any other flag would have stopped the capture.

Gowdy: Do you know why requests for Additional Security were denied?
Russ: Additional security would have interferred with the capture.

Gowdy: Why Ambasidor Stevens' rerequests for more security were unheaded?
Russ: Same as above

Gowdy: Why were no assets deployed during the siege?
Russ: The Terrorists were promised they would not be shot. That is also why our military was told to "Stand Down".

Gowdy: Do you know if the President called any of our allies for help?
Russ: He did not. Help would have interred with the capture.

Gowdy: Why was Suzan Rice picked?
Russ: I do not know.

Gowdy: Do you know of the myth that it was a spontaneous reaction to a video?
Russ: I believe the myth was a spontaneous excuse.


I would suspect that information on the Benghazi Raid could be found in Hillary' e-mails sent in August and September 2012. But I do not have a copy of those e-nails.

A reference to the Military being forced by Obama observers with guns to not send help can be found in the Video American Genocide - David Hodges from 0:18:00 to 0:23:00. In other words, the Benghazi Raid to capture Ambasador Stevens was planned by Obama/Clinton about a month be fore it happened. It just did not go as planned.

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