Tools have been developed to genetically modify [GM] food by splicing into that food a gene that may be a genes from other foods, a gene from animals, a gene from fungus, or even a gene from a bacterium. The idea is that the addition of this gene will impart to the food some desireable trait. The problem is that the technology is not advanced enough to control where the splice is in the food DNA. The desireable traight may be transferred, but in all probability, some of the foods natural traights will be changed. That change may or may not be desireable. The genetic splice may prevent the food from making an essential vitamin or protein. Or the splice may cause the food to make undesireable and even toxic compounds.

But what is even more insane, is to splice into food a gene from a bacterium that makes a toxic poison. Yet this is the case in most of the GM foods now being grown.

I did it to myself. Over ten years ago I though I was getting a bargain getting the special meal deal with a soft drink with my sandwich or tacos twice a week. That led to weight gain. That then led to high blood pressure. I was prescribed medication to bring my blood pressure down. Nevertheless, I then had a stroke and was told to lose weight. I did lose weight. But then I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes that resulted in a new set of problems. For the years that followed I was on both blood pressure medications and medication for the diabetes. But a couple of times at night my blood pressure was too low and I stopped breathing. The effects [and symptoms] of very low oxygen led to the loss of my driver's license and the addition of Dialantin to my medications. A too low blood pressure also caused me to occasionally lose circulation in my legs and arms. That led to blood clots and the addition of blood thinner to my medications. I was not well.

At the beginning of 2008, I had lesions on my skin and I felt like I had things crawling under my skin. Doctors said it was in my mind, and gave a diagnosis of 'Delusion of Parasites'. A med tech said not to worry about it and that he had seen many recent cases. It was only afterward that in searching the web that I found a reference to Morgellons. I did go to and found that I had all the symptoms. I also found there were many cases in San Diego, Orange & Los Angeles Counties. There were also many cases in Texas.

I suffered with what I thought was Morgellons until with further research on the web I found a mention of a possible correlation between Morgellons and genetically modified foods. A lady cooked a stew for her and her husband. She fed the left over stew to her dog. The dog almost died. With research she found out the corn had been genetically modified. That led me to read 'Seeds of Deception' by Jeffery Smith that talked about medical problems Genetically Modified Foods may cause. I deleted corn, corn products [such as high fructose corn syrup, tacos, corn chips, etc.], and most soy from my diet. The result was that the symptoms of Morgellons mostly disappeared. The lesions mostly healed but left scars.

After several months, I made the mistake of eating a bag of corn chips. My blood sugar went up and I again had the symptoms of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and skin sores. I called the company and they said that they ask their growers to grow natural corn, but they bought whatever they grew. They also bought from the open market. It took awhile for the symptoms to disappear.

A secondary effect of avoiding genetically modified corn and corn products is a lowering of blood sugar. My doctor told me I no longer had to take any medication for diabetes. Also I no longer had to take three doses of Atenolol a day for high blood pressure. In celebration, I had a chocolate milk shake and a small candy bar after dinner. My morning sugar reading was in the normal range. [Neither the ice cream nor the candy contained any corn syrup.]

I can eat unmodified corn. I called up Jolly Time Pop Corn and they said that they only buy and sell natural popcorn. I do not have any reaction to natural popcorn. [Except perhaps temporary weights gain if I eat to much!] Yes, I only added real butter and salt to the popcorn. 'Organic' corn is not a problem.

During the Christmas Season, following my wife through the store, I did pick up a small carton of eggnog. I did drink part of it and my blood sugar increased and the symptoms did return. I again recovered. Sure enough, I had not read the ingredients that gave the second ingredient as 'high fructose corn syrup'. Most of the corn and soy now grown in the United States are the genetically modified type. Because of cross-pollination, much of the 'natural' corn & soy in the United States is contaminated with genetically modified corn or soy genes. I have been told that the result is that the United States can no longer export corn or soy to Europe or Asia, and that some companies are actually importing very expensive soy from over seas so that they can have a pure product.

Later in the Christmas Season, I also drank an 'Instant Breakfast' and have a reaction. I called up the manufacturer and asked if the sugar in their ingredients was made from corn. They said that it was regular sugar. I said I was allergic to the GM corn and was told that the maltodextrin they used is made from corn. They also said that the maltodextrin was in both their regular product and the no sugar diabetic versions of 'Instant Breakfast'.

In mid January 2009 I noticed that my blood sugar was not returning to the low level it was last summer. Then it occurred to me that I was having an occasional diet soft drink. Last Summer I had stopped drinking all soft drinks and switched to plain water with a squeeze of lemon. The diet soft drinks contain aspartame. Although it has zero calories, it still registers in the blood glucose test. A week later my fasting blood sugar had dropped back to the normal level. [I now drink plain water or Arrowhead Sparkling mountain spring water that does not have any sugar or aspartame.] Anything containing the Bt-toxin or the 'RoundUp' pesticide or aspartame will cause a significant increase in my blood sugar and cause the symptoms to return. [GMO corn should be made into ethanol for motor vehicle use only!]

For me, it seems that I am very allergic to many Genetically Modified foods and the products made from them. I know that ingesting them increases my sugar level and weaken my immune system allowing symptoms to return. By avoiding Genetically Modified Foods and by products, I do not have diabetes, high blood pressure, a mental 'fog', and I do think and feel better.

Some think that genetically modified foods, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG and transfats may be the cause of the increase in Alzheimer's in the United States, and that they may affect the cognitive ability of young children who are also allergic to the genetically modified corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, and to aspartame. 

I did call Rubio's and they said that the corn they use in their fish tacos is not GMO. But they also said that the Canola they use has been genetically modified to be healthier by not breaking down into transfats at high temperatures. The canola used to make their oil has not been modified to make the Bt-toxin. Genetic Engineering is a powerful tool. Indeed, making a healthier food can be a good thing. But using genetic modifications to make foods that make their own poison, or to withstand large doses of poison, has led to major contamination of the U. S. food supply. I have been told that United States has lost much of overseas food sales because of the Bt-toxin.

Canola is made from Rapeseed that contains a toxic poison. The claim is that canola is a hybrid of rapeseed in which the toxic poison has been removed. One should avoid the 'Bt' version of Canola in which the Bt-toxin has been added. There are claims that canola, along with trans-fats and hydrogenated oils, coat body cells with a film that prevent the absorption of glucose and therefore contribute to type 2 diabetes. There are some who think that even Soy can cause neurological problems.

Aspartame is made from aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methyl alcohol [wood alcohol]. Methyl alcohol is unstable when warm and turns into the neurotoxins formaldehyde and DKP (diketopiperazine). Formaldehyde permanently binds to DNA, meaning that the damage to nerves from the formaldehyde is cumulative. Formaldehyde is also a carcinogen. Exposure to the neurotoxins in our food is partly responsible for the recent rapid rise in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, autism, ADD, Parkinson's, etc.

I did see, on-line, a presentation from UCSF on Sugar:The Bitter Truth. This video says that the different sugars are mantabolised differently by our bodies. It says that Glucose is a good sugar that provides energy. But in excess, fructose is turned into fat. Fructose, in excess, can damage our liver. Sucrose is a combination of glucose and fructose. It does not talk about lactose or maltose.

Testing myself continues.

My story is not the only one. I have communicated with others that have similar stories. And the problem of determining if a food is GM or not remains. If a food says 'organic' or 'non-GMO', I know it is safe to eat. If it is not labeled, I have to call the manufacturer and ask. I have never seen a GM food labeled as GM.

The following letter on labeling of food and the Codex, which at it end, shows how the U.S. wants to force other countries to accept GM crops as equal to non-GM crops and therefore not be labeld as 'non-GMO'. The worst possible outcome for me would be for the U.S. to require that GM foods be able to be labeled 'Organic'.


Institute for Responsible Technology
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Seeds of Deception' by Jeffery Smith
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'The Truth about Aspartame, MSG and Excitotoxins',
Also talks about problems from eating soy products. If you google "canola poisonous' you a long list that starts with: Canola is bad. It is followed with a response: Canola is good. , from a Canola Group.
This is then followed with an explanation of mechanics behind: Canola's Badness. .
A great deal of money is being spent saying that fructose and glucose are the major ingredients in high fructose corn syrup. This is true. The also say that a mixture of fructose and glucose has the same caloric value of sucrose. This is also true. But they do not mention that the high fructose corn syrup also contains the Bt-toxin. They also don't about the mercury 'lost' in the manufacture of HFCS.

You Tube Videos:
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The Future of Food - The Movie
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A Documentary by Deborah Garcia:

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And there is: Dr. Bellonzi talks about HFCS

A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain

The World According to Monsanto They want absolute control of the World's food supply.

I knew someone who worked evenings as a projectionest and had access to the soda machine. He drank too many sodas. He died of liver cancer. Both HFCS and aspartame are deadly.

GMO Research 2010

It is now several years later and more information is being posted on the deadly effects of genetically modified foods. The one that has received the most attention is High Fructose Corn Syrup [HFCS]. Since HFCS is made from Bt-corn, I believe it also has the following toxins: Bt-toxin [a pesticide] and one or more herbicides including: glyphosate [RoundUp], glufosinate, or 2,4-D [2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (an active ingredient of Agent Orange)]. Recent tests have shown the herbicide glyphosate works by binding up the calcium, copper, chromium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum and zinc in the soil so they cannot be used by plants not genetically modfied to grow without these essential nutrients. Most foods genetically modified to produce the Bt-toxin, have also been modified to grow with a large quantity of herbicide. In areas where the weeds have adapted to glyphosate, the herbicide 2,4-D is sometimes used. It is known to change DNA, thus causing cancer and birth defects. In addition, HFCS often contains mercury. And of course, fructose.

If you read the Codex Alimentarius Commission's Codex Committee on Food Labelling, 37th Session, you will find that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Unites Nations and the World Health Organization are being pressured by the United States to remove any label suggesting that any food has been or has not been prepared by genetic modification. Now [2011], the U.N. Agenda 21 section on Codex Alimentarius, has been incorperated in the 'Food Safety Act' that was passed by the House, Senate and signed into law by President Obama.

The result is foods and drinks containing HFCS lead to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stomach problems, and can even lead to pancreatic and liver cancer and lymphoma. Since many of the toxins in HFCS are neurotoxins, it can also lead to loss of cognitive abilities, loss of memory, and macula degeneration. After all, our retina is essentially an extension of our brain. Also reported is loss of feeling in our extremities. Rats fed HFCS were sterile by the third generation. Indeed, infertility is rapidly rising in the United States and other countries growing Bt-crops and consuming Bt-foods including HFCS. With all the internet links linking HFCS with medical diseases, manufacturers of HFCS now want to change the name of HFCS to 'Corn Sugar'. The number of genetically modified foods has expanded to include: corn, soy, cotton-seed, canola, papaya, sugar-beets and alfalfa.

Dr. Mercola's Web Page is a good source of information on food toxins including GMOs. You may want to subscribe to his newsletter that contains the latest information on health, the good, the bad, and the toxic.

NaturalNews Insider is a useful email newsletter on health and natural foods.

Spilling the Beans is a good source of information from Jeffrey Smith and others on whole body damage caused by genetically modified foods.

New : Pathogens found in genetically modified food sprayed with glyphosate [Roundup]

Don M. Huber, Emeritus Professor, Purdue University
"Glyphosate is a strong, broad-spectrum nutrient chelator that inhibits plant enzymes responsible for disease resistance so that plants succumb from pathogenic attack. This also predisposes RoundUp Ready and non-RoundUp Ready plants to other pathogens. The introduction of such an intense mineral chelator as glyphosate into the food chain through accumulation in feed, forage, and food, and root exudation into ground water, could pose significant health concerns for animals and humans and needs further evaluation. Chelation immobilization of such essential elements as CA (bone), Fe (blood), Mn, Zn (liver, kidney), Cu, Mg (brain) could directly inhibit vital functions and predispose to disease. The lower mineral nutrient content of feeds and forage from a glyphosate-supplementation. ... "

It is now several years later [2011] and more information is being posted on the deadly effects of genetically modified foods. The most important is this one that describes a new organism that eventually causes complete sterility of all those who depend on GM food for subsistance.

Unless things change quickly, there is a famine coming. It is not so much a famine of food, but a famine of nutritious food, a famine of essential nutrients. It is because most of the 'food' grown in the United States has been genetically modified to grow without metal nutrients. These foods have also been genetically modified [GM] to produce the poisonous Bt-toxin in every cell of the plants. Because of the lack of essential nutrients in these plants, and the production of toxin to kill of good bacteria, these plants allow a large number of dieses to inhabit the plants. One of these diseases is a new, and as yet unnamed, pathogen that over time, will cause complete sterility in the animals that eat these plants. On the Mercola web page is a video, in two parts, that explains in great detail what is going on:

Watch Out: These Foods Seriously Mess With Your Health
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMO
Posted By Dr. Mercola | December 13 2011
Part 1 ... Part 2 ... [1 hour each]

For the companies that want to control all seed, organic seeds are a problem. When planted, they grow. So in an attempt to poison the Earth and prevent the growing of organic foods, the aireal spraying of aluminium and barium began. Actually, this spraying is said to be done in order to reflect excess energy from the sun and thus contain Global Warming, but when the aluminum and barium fall to Earth, soil is poisoned so that organic crops die. RoundUp ready GM crops survive because they have been genetically engineered to not only not absorb metal nutrients, but to also not absorb toxic aluminum. This is discussed in the video: What in the World are They Spraying? that is about Contrails.

Other interesting references:

Bt-toxin from Bacillus Thuringiensis is now being made by Bt-corn, Bt-soy, Bt-cottonseed, etc.

Mercury poisoning from HFCS

Silent Forest Video - a forest of trees so toxic that there are no insects, no birds, nothing but toxic, genetically modified trees.

GMO Research 2012

It is even later and more information still being posted on the deadly effects of genetically modified foods.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMO about infertillity and birth defects: Part 1 , Part 2

How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans at .

Sixty years ago my dad told me I should avoid white food to stay healthy. In other words, limit white sugar, white flour and white fat. [Back then margarine was white unless you added the yellow coloring. Crisco, also a trans-fat, is also white.] In other words we were to avoid foods without essential nutrients and eat plenty of green [and other color] vegetables. This worked fairly well until this century. Now we have a whole industry growing food designed to grow without metal nutrients. These foods are called "RoundUp Ready". The problem is we need chromium to activate insulin. Without chromium, we have "insulin resistance" aka type 2 diabetes. This is a problem if you mostly eat "fast food". You can eat all the fast food you want and still be hungry because our body does not see the essential minerals it needs to process that food. On the other hand, you can eat a smaller amount of organic food, not be full and yet not be hungry because the essential nutrients are there. Admitted there are some who travel who carry a product like CinSulin that contains D3 and chromium picolinate to help them metabolize sugars and starches. But real organic food is better because it contains ALL the essential nutrients we need to correctly process the food we eat. Cure Zone 01 and Cure Zone 02 are two good references about how necessary nutrients are for good health that were given to me as references for this topic. The plague of diabetes is as much due to lack of essential nutrients [i.e. RoundUp Ready] as much as it is an excess of sugars and starches.

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