The United States has the 17th worst health care of any industrialized nation and it is getting worse. The reason for this is that the USDA and FDA have set up a system to benefit Big Pharma and the AMA. I.e. the object of health care is to make lots of money for the medical establishment. There may also be another possible motive that I will talk about later.

The medical community profits by the USDA and FDA pushing food that is lacking in essential nutrients, and that contains toxic poisons. A healthy immune system can protect us from most diseases, including cancer. Without essential nutrients, our immune system becomes sick. Toxic poisons in our air, water, food and vaccines further sicken our immune system. I believe that over 80% of the autism, over 65% of the cancer and over 40% of the dementia in the United States can be directly attributed to the deliberate policies of the USDA, FDA, Big Pharma and the AMA that want to profit from our sickness. Many others also believe this is true. Please watch the following video:

War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA [90 min video]

Vaccine Nation Director's Cut Gary Null [90 min video]

Most medical care in the United States is designed to cover up, not cure, but cover up the symptoms of eating too much sugar and not enough of the healthy foods that have the essential nutrients needed to keep us healthy, and eating and drinking poisonous, toxic foods and drink. One main problem is that, unlike the rest of the World, there is no requirement to label any food or drink containing toxic poisons. Toxic compounds added to our air, water, food and vaccines include: mercury, fluorine, arsenic, aluminum, barium, Aspartame, MSG, Bt-toxin, glyphosate, 2,4-D, methyl bromide, and others toxic compounds.

Only in the United States are foods genetically engineered to be deficient in metal nutrients and genetically engineered to include the Bt-gene pushed on the public as if they are safe. But they are not safe. For this reason you will not find GM foods in the White House. Nor will you find GM foods in Monsanto's cafeteria because the gene splicers know how toxic the foods they design are. Please watch the following videos:

Jeffrey Smith's GMO update, July 2012 - covers latest research, GMO labeling and more
GMO Threat !!!- Jeffrey M. Smith (Full Length)

How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans (Full Length)

It was the consumption of GMOs that made me very sick. It was the consumption of GMOs that made by dad sick. And I believe it was the consumption of GMOs that led to the death of my son. We did not know that GMOs could cause cancer. This happened before we knew what GMOs are. After all, only in the United States they are not labeled. After avoiding them, my dad and I mostly recovered.

Most countries know how toxic fluorine is. Most countries do not add fluorine to their water. But in the United States, most of the city water supplies do add toxic fluorine to the water. The fluorine reduces IQ and degrades our immune system. Please watch the following video:

Produced by Fluoride Action Network in 2009 are the Professional Perspectives on Fluoridation.

It is surprising how toxic our water is. Most commonly prescribe drugs can be found in most of our water supplies.

As many of us have switched to organic food to avoid the toxins in most of the United States food supply, the USDA and FDA have noticed. It seems they do not want healthy people. Supposedly to combat "Global Warning" planes have been seen dumping chemicals into our upper atmosphere. Analysis has shown these chemicals to be aluminum and barium. We are told the idea is to reflect heat. But actually, when the aluminum and barium fall down to Earth, they contaminate the ground so that weeds, trees and organic foods cannot grow. Only foods genetically modified to grow without metal nutrients can survive these poisons. It seems this dumping is most common in areas where farmers are trying to grow organic foods. Please watch the following video:


There are some people that think the dumbing down and poisoning of the citizens of the United States to be deleberate. Indeed, the United Nations Agenda 21 calls for the depopulation of the World. If this is true, the corruption of government is far worse then most of us realize. Please watch the following videos:

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMOs  Part 1  . . .   Part 2

Dr Rima Laibow - US has Advanced Plans To Kill You in 2012

If you live in California, please vote in November 2012 for Propositon 37 to require that all genetic foods and products made with genetically modified foods be labeled so that we will know what foods are deficient in metal nutrients and contain the Bt-gene that can cause cancer and does make the poison called Bt-toxin.


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