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The problem with the United States Health Care program is that it concentrates on trying to fix what is mostly caused by two other agencies. i.e. most of the disease in the United States is caused by the USDA and FDA. The USDA suports the poisoning of our food and the FDA supports toxic medications. If the USDA were to support healthy, organic food and the FDA were to support natural medications, as much as posible, in three years you would cut the number of type 2 diabetics, to the number of those with heart disease, and the number of new cases of cancer, in half. The structure of our government needs to be changed. the USDA and FDA need to be under Medicare. The best way to lower the cost of Medicare is to keep everyone as healthy as possible. This is best done by not adding poisons to our food and by making medication safe and effective. Perhaps the EPA should also be under Medicare to prevent the deliberate poisoning of our air and water.

I believe that more then three quarters of sickness in the United States of those less then 65 years old, is caused by the following poisons added to our air: toxic compounds of aluminum, barium and strontium and toxic herbicides and pesticides, and fluorosilicic acid deliberately added to our water, and glyphosate, 2,4-D and neonicks added to our food, Bt toxin and Epicyte Gene engineered into our food, toxic compounds of mercury, aluminum and other metals added as adjuvants into our vaccines along with allergins, and also having essential nutrients missing from our food and drink.

The question remains is why are there so many poisons in our air, water, food, medications and vaccines? The answer is that the Bushes and the Clintons, Obama and many members of Congress all supported the United Nations "New World Order" that includes populations reduction of everyone except them. This is why both the White House and the Congressional Cafeteria are organic and the cafeteria in Monsanto is non-GMO. Yet they have pushed their poisons on us because there are "too many of us [non-elites]". We the people are waking up. And we the people have rejected Hillary's program of population reduction. Note how much the approval rating of certain presidential candidates dropped after they accepted funding from Monsanto. Note how low is the approval rating of government agencies is of those agencies that support "population reduction". [FDA, and USDA] Remember that Chemtrails are toxic poisons. Fluorosilicic acid is very, very toxic, Round-Up [glyphosate], and Agent Orange [2,4-D, 2,4,5-T, dioxin] are very toxic, neonicks are toxic, and of course mercury, lead, arsenic and aluminum should NEVER be used in any food or vaccine.

To often health is sacraficed for making money. And yet the extra profit in supplying cheap food and water will not even begin to cover the extra cost of health care. For more information on these poisons: U.S. Eugenics Program

One thing governmnent can do is define a standard electronic format for Lab Tests. Currently Military has their format, Lab Core has their format, Kaiser has their format, and each hospital chain have their formats. I have seen medical doctors spending a lot of time reformatting lab tests from different sources into the doctors favorite format. What a waste of time that could be better spent seeing patients. I would assume any decent medical software would have the capability of displaying [or printing] lab results in a variety of formats. A medical computer program should be able to analyse the data. For example, looking for unique antigens in the blood that exist and are detectable long before cancer reaches stage one. This is more complex then marking unusual mineral, sugar or cholesterol levels

Another thing that has to be done is to eliminate elective medical proceedures that are not necessary because they are not life threatening and are not needed to reduce or eliminate pain or servere disfigurment. Sex change falls into this category. Tattoo removal may also fall into this category.

As you may remember, Congressman Paul Ryan fell in the Presidential polls after he accepted money from Monsanto. I believe that most of the Republicans who voted against "RyanCare" were aware that it is pro-GMO. I believe that any politician who has accepted money from Big Pharma or Big Ag should NOT be a part of our next "Health Bill". From what I have heard [rumor] is that a rough draft of Senator Rand Paul MD's proposal does address the need for healthy food and drink for a healthy citizenship that would require less health care and thus be much less expensive.

This is my opinion.

--- Russ

One of the main causes of disease in the United States is glyphosate. Do watch this video of Stephanie Seneff made in 2013. It talks about the
"Monsanto American Genocide Project"
This is why both the FDA and the USDA MUST be accountable to Medicare.
Because Mike Adams [aka Health Ranger] has exposed most of the poisons hidden in our air, water, food, medications and vaccines,
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