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Most who have immigrated into the United States have done so legally with the intention of becoming good citizens or at least becoming good residents. To them I say, "Welcome." Most who enter the United States illegally do so to find work to help their families. Most of these also intend to obey most of our laws. But there seems to be a portion of the illegal immigrants who come to take advantage of our system. There are some who apparently believe that the Southwest United States really does not belone to the United States.

I was asked to sub in a class called 'General Studies'. In the classroom I could not find any lesson plan. I told the students that was not a problem because I had several topics I could cover. I was informed by the students that they did not want to be taught anything and they turned their chairs around and faced the other direction. When the bell range I asked them to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. The only salute I saw was with the middle finger. I was asked if I spoke Spanish. I said 'no, this is the United States'. They said 'Not for long.'. I was asked if I knew we had be invaded. I said I had been told that in a few other classes. I was told the object of the 'invasion' was to return California to Mexico. I once asked what land they thought still belonged to Mexico that was temporarily being occupied by the United States. I was told land south of the Oregon Border and most of the land west of the Mississippi River.

I had previously had experience in other classes where students would stand and pledge allegiance to the Mexican Flag. In these classroom the Mexican Flag was bigger and higher then the U. S. Flag. I suspect that some of these students are sons and daughters of illegal aliens that want to make the Southwestern United States into the kind of 'Mexico' that they were unable to make the Mexico they had left.

I have heard rumors that some of the illegal aliens entering the United States have been trained in how to reclaim this territory. I have been told that this training includes the infiltration of U. S. government agencies. I have heard of Border Patrol agents that actually help illegal immigrants enter the U. S. I have heard of welfare agents who sign up all Hispanics they can and exclude native California Residents because 'they really don't need the money'. It is an interesting exercise to look at the bills in the California Assembly that almost passed. I heard that there were bills that would give preference to illegal aliens over California Residents. With the increase in Hispanics, both legal and illegal, voting in the State Elections, it will not be long before the number of elected officials favoring immigrants will exceed 50% and bills favoring immigrants over Native California Residents will pass. I would then not be surprised by a bill making Spanish California's official language.

I was asked to sub in a political science class. I was told I could choose any topic for the opening discussion. I told the class that I supported legal immigration. I told the class that I could tolerate those illegal immigrants that came here to work. But I was opposed to those who came here to take California from the United States. I asked for comments. Most of the class agreed with me. Some were opposed. One young lady was very vocal and said that I had no right to prevent her from taking back her land that was stolen from Mexico. Later I found out she tried to get me dismissed as a substitute teacher for being racist. Actually I have friends that are Hispanic, but they do not want to kick me out of California where I was born and raised.

Read this excerpt from the 21 May 2007 Leonard Letter:

"***How Will Mexico-U.S. Relations Evolve?***"

"There was an interesting Associated Press story last week about a University of New Mexico Chicano Studies professor. The professor predicted that within this century there will be a new sovereign nation of predominantly Spanish-speaking people that will include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and several northern states of Mexico joined together as the Republica del Norte."

"The main driver of this is that so many of the people here speak Spanish. A common language is a major determinant of what makes a nation. Consider the fact that more than half the residents of Los Angeles are Spanish speakers. If this trend continues, ideas like this regrettably could have legs."

"Proposals I have seen in the past from Chicano activists advocated "returning" the states that became part of the U.S. as a result of the treaty-- and payment -- that ended the Spanish-American war. What I find interesting about this new version of that idea is that it seeks to break states away from Mexico as well as the U.S. This acknowledges that trade and immigration and other factors are drawing Northern Mexico and the Southwest U.S. closer together. Increased family ties, businesses interests, travel, second homes, and other factors are accelerating the closeness."

"A lot of Americans react with horror that something like this could happen. I say that putting our heads in the sand is not the answer, so I am offering a counter-proposal to encourage people to think about alternatives. Going "outside the box" I say we should consider making an offer to Northern Mexico to join the U.S. -- adopting our language, our constitutional rights, and our economic freedoms."

"I grant that inviting even more people who do not speak English to be citizens stretches the comfort level of Americans, but consider the upside. We could add 3 or 4 states to the U.S., increase the tax base, increase access to strategic resources, and have a border that is much shorter and more enforceable. Plus, bringing the people of Northern Mexico up to the living standards of average Americans would be a huge boost to our economy."

"In other words, why should we allow our states to be stolen by infiltration when America could be making an offer that Mexico cannot refuse?"

"Bill Leonard, Member"
"State Board of Equalization, Second District"

At the website of the University of New Mexico, College of Hispanic Studies, I found a posting of the reasons for Hispanics to reclame 'their land'. Also I found there the following map:

That web page and all content has long since been removed.

The third hand rumors I have been hearing in Hispanic classes for the last several years is that there is a very small group of Hispanics that want their own Spanish speaking Hispanic country that is separate from both the United States and Mexico. Since they know that they cannot take California, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. by armed force, they plan on taking it by shear numbers at the ballot box. To this end, a very vocal minority of illegal immigrants has formed a coalition to advance their cause. They are infiltrating the U. S. Border Patrol with agents that will help other illegal immigrants enter the United States. They are infiltrating health care and education with those who favor illegal Hispanic immigrants. They promote Hispanics having as many children in the United States as possible to increase their numbers. They promote Hispanics to help other Hispanics to get jobs and displace non-Hispanics. They promote registering to vote. Rumor is that some illegal aliens are registered to vote under different names in multiple precincts. They contribute to Congressman and Senators who advance their cause. They promote voting Hispanics into the State Assembly and Senate that will help this cause and promote the formation of 'Republica del Norte'.

It would be unfair to blame the actions of an entire group on the actions of a few. As I said, most of the Hispanics entering the United States do so legally with an intention of either becoming a United States Citizen or being a temporary worker to make money for a family back home in Mexico or other South of the border country. Most legal Hispanics do their best to obey our laws. It is my opinion that most of the illegal Hispanic immigrants also obey most of our laws. But there are those who are criminals. And I have been told that some of the criminals have been trained to 'take back' part of the United States. This is a very real problem that so far has been totally ignored by our Federal Government. Because there are those who want to take this land from us, we must take the necessary steps to secure our borders and keep those who would harm us from entering.

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